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ValloRid is a coating that forms a unique microporous surface on application. When ValloRid is applied, a layer is created that captures emerging condensation in its surface structure. The structure ensures that the water cannot generate surface tension and thus warrants that the retained condensation will be dispersed back into the air without a large energy supply. The surfaces stay dry and thus can not develop mold. Also, bacteria have no chance to settle on such surfaces. The unique microporous surface is created during the application of the material. The lamination strength carries at least 600g of wet material per square meter. This makes the physically effective system functional and successful against mold and bacteria.

ValloRid can be used anywhere mold and bacteria can grow or are already growing. ValloRid may not be used on surfaces that are continuously exposed to flowing water.
ValloRid - Application
The application may be made on request by Vallovapor© throughout Germany.

In addition, we distribute ValloRid to commercial and private clients.