Schimmelbeseitigung Anwendungsbereiche


ValloPacer enables data logging of the indoor climate. Over a period of three to four weeks, room temperature, humidity, surface temperature and dew points are measured, providing information on structural defects as well as ventilation and heating conditions in living areas. Vallopacer measures and stores temperatures (-10 ° C to 50 ° C) and relative humidity (0% to 99%). In addition, also minimum and maximum values within the measurement periods are recorded. Upon installation, the the devices are sealed and cannot be tampered with.

The client, usually the property manager or owner, receives a documentation/ presentation with the recorded values. The goal of the data logging is to get an accurate picture of what happens in the living areas over a long period of time, and, if needed, to raise tenants’ awareness of smart heating and ventilation conditions to illustrate or understand why there is condensation or even mildew on surfaces.

Vallovapor© offers this service on request as part of its maintenance services in the residential sector.
Other applications for ValloPacer are:
  • in the production and processing of food,
  • in air conditioning and heating systems,
  • and in refrigeration technology,
  • as in the construction of parquet flooring,
  • conservatories, or greenhouses.