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ValloMold is a local-use concentrate for the elimination of mold on walls, furniture, floors, fabrics and other surfaces, and forms a complementary product to ValloFog. Application is made through special spraying equipment. Vallovapor© targets ValloFog against mildew. The ValloFog product is applied directly to visible mold. With the special nebulization and dosage, the active agent can be applied directly to the affected area in high concentration to kill the mold and act deep in the fibers of the affected surface. This creates a sustained aborticide on the mold, which can be virtually wiped away/ washed out after the treatment. The effect occurs within one to two hours. We recommend, however, to wait three to five days before the visible "dead" mold is washed off. In this prolonged exposure, the agent has the opportunity to deeply penetrate the surface structure (in masonry, for example), where it will also kill the underlying bacteria or mold spores so that no new mold can form.

Vallovapor© uses ValloMold in combination with cold-fogging.

The application is made exclusively through Vallovapor© or certified partner companies.
Occupational Safety & Risk Assessment
  • ValloMould is registered with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health under the number N-52464.
  • ValloMold is registered with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.