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ValloFog Industry

ValloFog Industrial simultaneous decontaminates the air space and the available surfaces in enclosed spaces, and was specially developed for large spaces in the industrial sector (e.g., food factories and warehouses). ValloFog Industrial is applied by a specially designed high-pressure atomizing device as a dry fog, so that all the surfaces and the air space in the premises are disinfected to 99.9%. At the same time, as a unique solution for even a high bacterial load, a sustained protective film is formed that prevents renewed contamination. Room sizes do not limit ValloFog’s use, as the powerful devices can sterilize several thousand cubic meters without trouble. The advantage here is the especially fast operation-the rapid and long-lasting mode of action-and therefore the reduced machine downtime. ValloFog also closes a disinfection gap through the fine fog that can disinfect even the most difficult to reach areas.

The application is made exclusively through Vallovapor© or certified partner companies.
ValloFog Industry
Occupational Safety & Risk Assessment
  • ValloFog Industrial is registered with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health under the numbers N-52466, N-52467 and N-52468.
  • ValloFog Industrial is registered with the Federal Institute for Risk Assess- ment.