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ValloFog Domestic

ValloFog Domestic can be used in various fields for the disinfection of rooms and equipment. In addition to disinfection, ValloFog Domestic also works for odor removal. Even odors up to butyric acid are neutralized quickly and odorlessly. The application through cold-fogging means home furnishings and electronic equipment can remain in the room. Through the fine mist of the active agent, the air in the entire room is "washed". Even hard-to-reach crevices, joints, and corners can be reached by the active polymer and disinfected. A microscopically thin film remains over the disinfected surfaces that also protects them long-term. ValloFog Domestic works against mold spores, germs, bacteria, and viruses, and was specifically designed for the disinfection of interior spaces through dry cold-fogging. ValloFog Domestic is free of harsh chemicals, odorless, and, due to its physical mode of action, is non-corrosive and non-oxidizing.

The application is made exclusively through Vallovapor© or certified partner companies.
ValloFog Domestic
Occupational Safety & Risk Assessment
  • ValloFog is registered with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health under the number N-52465.
  • ValloFog is registered with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.