Schimmelbeseitigung Anwendungsbereiche


Through a special dosage and atomization in odor and germ-laden vehicle interiors, ValloCar ensures hygiene after its application through sterility and odor control.

The dosage of ValloCar is designed so that the polymer can “adapt” optimally to typical vehicle interior materials. With a special fumigation gun, the optimal speed and density for the room size is guaranteed, and can be precisely varied for each vehicle interior size. In this way, ValloCar ensures that:

Pathogens such as germs and allergens are rendered harmless,
Unpleasant odors (nicotine, food, animal, mold and mildew odors) are eliminated,
The active ingredient reaches and disinfects the smallest crevices and most inaccessible areas (for example, air conditioners and ventilation systems),
The interior is not soaked, and therefore materials and electronics are not damaged,
After the application (and an acting time of about an hour), the vehicle is usable again immediately,
The active agent is long-lasting because of its residual effects
The treatment only needs to be repeated (for example, years of pollution, smoke smells, burning smells) in the case of very intense odor pollution.
The application is made exclusively through Vallovapor© or certified partner companies.
Occupational Safety & risk assessments
  • ValloCar is registered with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health under the number N-52470.
  • ValloCar is registered with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.