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Vehicle Industry

The cold fog decontaminates the vehicle through the air conditioner and removes odors. Because the operation is carried out quickly, it offers service benefits to car manufacturers.

Through the dry nebulization of ValloCar - a strong odor binding agent - odors in vehicle interiors as well as in the air conditioning systems can be neutralized quickly and sustainably. At the same time, germs and allergens in the air and on all surfaces are bound and rendered harmless.

Odors in the car are a special nuisance. For one, the space is relatively small, so odors spread quickly. Secondly, we travel with a wide variety of "odor sources" such as animals or food. And finally, there's nicotine smell! Cigarette smoke adheres very stubbornly and is, of course, intensified by regular smoking.

Odors in the car - an economic loss

Besides the fact that odors in the already confined space of a car are very intense and aggravating, in combination with the motion of driving, they can also worsen conditions of nausea and headaches, or at least cause discomfort. But above all, there is the economic cost to consider. For example, if you want to sell your "smoker’s car," you have to expect losses on the sale price with the sensitive.

If ventilation is not enough anymore, then let Vallovapor© help with ValloCar. The specific dosage makes it possible that persistent odors and bacteria can be removed from the interior without leaving any residue in the interior or the air conditioning. With our newly developed dry-fogging technology, vehicle interiors can be made hygienically clean and germ free again. The application has been approved according to strict guidelines and is an important contribution to healthy air in enclosed spaces.

How it works:

A specially designed misting device that is attached to the side window mists the susbstance into the interior of the vehicle. There is no moisture penetration from its use.
The fine mist penetrates into all cracks and binds odor particles. ValloCar is an aqueous solution and therefore nonflammable. It does not irritate, does not cause allergies, and is safe for prescribed use on all surfaces and electronics.
If the air conditioning system is turned on at the same time, it is also purified from microorganisms and odors by the fumigation.
The trunk is also misted by hand.
After a short acting time and then ventilation, the vehicle is again ready for use and odorless. The process must only be repeated in rare cases of very stubborn odors.
Odors and pathogens are rendered harmless for several months.
We will gladly give quotes for commercial vehicles and other large enclosed spaces, or for your entire fleet. As part of our partner programs, we offer car dealerships and car servicers our range of services so that you can provide independent service to your customers.
ValloCar against odors in the car
  • Binds pathogens such as bacteria and allergens, making them harmless.
  • Disinfects air conditioning systems, interior air, and surfaces.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke, pet and intense food smells, and mold and mildew smells.
  • Penetrates into inaccessible crevices, joints, and gaps.
  • Lastings effects: clean air for several months.

Of interest to retailers and service
  • The Vallovapor© process is novel and unprecedented to date. The operation is effective, and traditional methods-ozone, for example-can not compare.
  • Value can be added, especially to used cars, through the significant elimination odors. But also, that smell that many perceive as the obtrusive “new car smell” can be removed this way.

A fast and uncomplicated process:
  • First, of course, the source of the smells in the car is determined.
  • The vehicle's interior is completely coated with a special cold-fogging gun. ValloCar is neither corrosive nor acidic and thus there is no danger to the passenger compartment, seat covers, accessories, etc.
  • After the fumigation, the car must be left sitting for up to an hour - depending on the intensity of the smell.
  • At the end of the wait time, the car will be aired out extensively.
  • In the next 3 to 5 days, it is necessary to drive vehicle daily for 15 to 20 minutes, preferably with the windows open, so that the substance residues, especially in the air conditioner, will disperse completely. It may take up to three days until the full effects are shown, but usually the vehicle is odorless at once.
  • It may be useful to vacuum the vehicle interior after 3 to 5 days.
  • >For very intense odors (fire odors, animal excretions), the process may need to be repeated after 3 to 5 days.