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Rescue Vehicles

Whether in emergency rescue vehicles, ambulances, in fire engines and police cars, or in in-patient care, there are often patients who have a weakened immune system. Vallovapor© offers a complete disinfection.

It is a well-known problem: transportation in a rescue vehicle can infect patients with pathogens in the air. These bacteria quickly become embedded in the interior and in inaccessible areas like the evaporator of the air conditioning unit. A thorough cleaning of the compartment has always been, however, difficult and costly. Furthermore, in emergency rescue vehicles, ambulances, the fire service, police cars, and in in-patient care, there are often patients who have a weakened immune system.

The routine use of disinfectant wipes in vehicles (KTW, RTW, NAW) does not always provide perfect results in the elimination of pathogens. Typical infestations caused by Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, E. coli, Gram (+) and Gram (-), Bacteria and various fungi-non-fermenter Pseudomonas especially-but also by methicillin-resistant staphylococci (MRSA) can not be eradicated by normal operations.

With a simple, quick, periodically repeated disinfection through cold fogging by Vallovapor© all surfaces and the room air can be safely disinfected. Through our nebulization technique, the active agent spreads anywhere that can not be disinfected using disinfectant wipes.

Especially important for use against resistant germs, the formation of the active agent’s resistance is not yet detectable in clinical settings.

Compared to conventional atomized space-disinfectants, such as formaldehyde, the required concentration is completely harmless to health and odorless. The Vallovapor© process has lasting effects, as it leaves behind a film of the acting agent over room surfaces that remains active after application. Die Vallovapor©-Kaltvernebelung setzt genau da an, wo die Scheuer-Wisch-Desinfektion durch vielfache Unwägbarkeiten die Hygiene-Kette aufbricht und Erregern ungeahnte Möglichkeiten zu Vermehrung und Ansteckung lässt.

We would be happy to develop a one-stop hygiene concept to suit your needs, and we are available to answer any further questions.
Vallovapor© - vehicle disinfection
  • Typically, a vehicle can be completely disinfected by a 10-minute nebulization, twice a month, that can be performed without problems by any staff member trained in the operation.