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Property Management

Vallovapor© offers a complete maintenance service for property management. After order placement, the entire process is handled in one stop, starting with meetings arranged with the tenant to raise awareness of proper heating and ventilation after completion of the work, as well as appropriate documentation for your tenant file.

Our maintenance service includes the fighting mold/ mold rehabilitaion for occupied as well as vacant residential units, and also basements and attics. In addition, we also offer preventive measures for new buildings.

In addition, we assume painting maintenance for empty as well as occupied units and reconstruction of building damage/ construction defects that need to be addressed in advance.

As an inexpensive alternative to traditional air-conditioning panels, we apply special ValloRid coatings that take the surface tension out of water and thus prevent further condensation on surfaces.

In addition to mold elimination, bad odors are eliminated equally effectively by Vallovapor©.

Some of our services include putting up hygrometers and educating tenants with heating and ventilation information and instructions. We are happy to supply our documents at the request of the property management.

We also conduct air sampling measures and provide evaluations. On request, we will also install ValloPacer, which records air properties and provides insight into the behavior of tenants over a period of three to four weeks.

On request, we will gladly take care of your entire residential portfolio throughout Germany with the base contract of your choice.

References from noteworthy property managers and owners are available.

We will gladly assist you with a pilot project.
Our service list in brief
  • Long-lasting elimination of mold on surfaces and in the air
  • ValloRid coatings for thermal bridges and condensation
  • Educating tenants on proper ventilation and heating
  • Documentation and evaluations of the tenants for the property manager
  • Moderate painting, maintenance, and renovation/rehabilitation work
  • Air sampling measurements and microbiological analysis
  • Measurement of the indoor air for several weeks with our data logger

The following facilities are at risk and can be purified by Vallovapor©
  • In apartments: bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and childrens’ playrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Community areas
  • Basements and attics
  • Waste facilities