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Private Homes

Mold is a widespread problem in many households. It is caused, for example, by increasingly dense construction methods, such as, among other things, energy-efficient housing.

Molds are a widespread problem in many households. The main causes of mold growth are moisture in both the air and in the material of the walls. Humidity factors that can’t be kept dry provide a perfect breeding ground for mold growth. Often an intense musty smell is also an indication of mold growth.

In addition to the usual construction defects, faulty heating and ventilation can also lead to the risk of mold.

Besides the visible problems, there are also high health risks. Numerous medical studies have shown that mold attacks the mucous membranes primarily in humans, and also has a particularly hazardous effect on the nervous and immune systems. Children, the elderly, and sick people are at risk above all, along with those with allergies and asthma. Even healthy people who are in regular contact with mold spores can develop allergies.

Through the Vallovapor© system, mold, spores, mildew and also burning smells are quickly and effectively eliminated. Only two hours after the treatment, the home is mold-free. Nothing will need to be removed from the house or apartment. Through the cold-fogging process, mold is removed from even the most difficult places, like cracks, gaps, behind cupboards, or in the air conditioning and ventilation systems, and the entire airspace is "washed".

Odor elimination - fast, safe, and long-lasting

Through the Vallovapor© process, all unpleasant odors are also removed. The active ingredient itself is odorless, in contrast to conventional products, which exhibit a deodorant action and thus only overlap smells for a short period of time.

In addition to our cold fogging, Vallovapor © provides painting maintenance and specialty coatings as well as rehabilitation work to provide you, the customer, with a one-stop solution. For all our commissions, we give the greatest care to innovative and safe materials, as well as a long-term and sustainable solutions for your problems.
the main cause is moisture, caused by:
  • Excessive humidity (air-tight construction and improper ventilation)
  • Construction defects (immediate occupation after the completion of construction)
  • Water damage (burst pipes, leaky roofs or structural damage)
  • Rising damp (usually in basements and the ground floor)

All odors are neutralized through
Vallovapor©. For example:
  • Tobacco/ smoke smell
  • Burning smells
  • Mildew odor
  • Body odor
  • Sweat smell
  • Sewer/sewage smells
  • Animal odors
  • Butyric acid