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Mold & Germs

The Problem - Mold

At home, everyone should feel relaxed and comfortable. Mold can make it uncomfortable and unhealthy. Mold growth, smaller than your palm - already about 20 cm square - can jeopardize the health of the owner / tenant and soundness of the property. Respiratory and skin disorders and insomnia, among other symptoms, are not uncommon.

The effect of mold in homes

With significant exposure to molds, as well as the spores of true dry rot, a mold allergy can develop. The deciding factor is always the concentration of bacteria in the air (CFU, colony forming units per cubic meter) and the physical condition of the residents. The allergy can cause various symptoms, and, in the worst cases, asthma.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections occur in rare cases because of a simultaneous immune system breakdown in the respective person. (Caution is advised in the case of children, pregnant women, and the elderly).

However, caution should be used in medical facilities. The most common pathogens are “Aspergillus fumigatus“ and “Aspergillus niger“.

Poisoning by MVOC (microbial volatile organic compounds)

MVOC designates those volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are produced by molds. The growth of molds and bacteria produces gaseous substances with a typical moldy smell that is often very noticeable. The MVOC are usually responsible for this characteristic smell of mold. In addition to the measurable amounts of mold spores released into the air, MVOC can also cause significant health damage. The presence of MVOC in indoor air is an indication of mold and bacteria. Therefore, the analytical detection (measurement / laboratory analysis by gas chromatography) of MVOC in indoor air helps to show hidden mold in buildings. Chemically and physically they correspond to a solvent, and belong to alcohols, aldehydes, and terpenes. Depending on the concentration, they have the same toxic effect as the the concentrated vapors of solvents.

Poisoning through Mycotoxin (Mildew poisoning)

Mycotoxins, like, for example, Aflatoxin, are a common cause of food poisoning when moldy food is eaten. But in the air, they can also cause unspecified health problems such as headaches and limb pain, mucosal irritation and increased susceptibility to infection. Poisoning by mycotoxins occurs not only through mold growth on food but also through the presence of especially toxic mold species.

In general, children, pregnant women, the elderly, the immuno-compromised, mushroom-sensitive people, and stressed people are most affected. For the growth and reproduction of mold, sufficient moisture, a suitable medium, the right temperature, and suitable pH levels always play a role.

Main Causes of Moisture

A lack of proper ventilation caused by inappropriate heating and ventilation, as well as by structural defects, produces cold walls and preferential areas behind furniture or in the corners of rooms. In these places, the surface temperature of the walls can be up to 10°C colder than the free surfaces. There is a risk of condensation due to cold walls, followed by mold growth.

Wallpaper, latex paint, and even dust, glass, and anti-mold paint, are breeding grounds for mold.

Other factors influencing the formation of mold:

structural changes in the last 50 years
altered heating and ventilation
dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, cooking appliances, and showers producing higher humidity
The Solution
Mold on surfaces and also in the air, and the resulting spore flight, can only be avoided by cleaning. Likewise, the causes of its formation and growth must be permanently eliminated.

Three Steps to a Mold-free Home

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We work out a pricing quote along with a schedule for the permanent removal of the causes of mold growth.


After the completion of the required preparatory work, there are two possibilities to complete the job:

The employees of Vallovapor© which is in use throughout Germany, will work with you to carry out the agreed-upon treatment.

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