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Hotel & Wellness

Ever more hotels have a wellness center or spa area. Due to the humidity and temperature, spas and swimming pools are more at risk for fungi, bacteria and mold, which may form there and spread easily.

In most hotels, there are a significant number of bacteria and fungi on surfaces, carpets, or in the air. Vallovapor© provides a reliable means of disinfection in hotel rooms, and also purifies the classic smell of smoking rooms in an odor-neutral way.

If you are a pioneer in the hotel and spa industry, when it comes to the issue of hygiene, give yourself a long-lasting and cost-effective advantage.

Through our cold fogging agent, hard-to-reach joints, corners, and edges are disinfected thoroughly. It disinfects even the most difficult spots that are hard to clean by hand.

Ever more hotels have a wellness center or spa area. Due to the humidity, spas areas are especially vulnerable. Due to sparse clothing and increased excretions, there is a relatively heavy burden on surfaces, through which the probability of transferring pathogens to the next bather increases.

Moisture and heat promote the survival and growth of viruses and bacteria as well as mold.

Daily disinfection is essential to provide a high level of hygiene in your wellness area. But, especially when there are airborne pathogens in the air, microorganisms can settle in various places in the room. You can’t offer a one hundred-percent guarantee with normal cleaning methods.

Along with disinfection, our methods also eliminate odors and offer preventative measures to block mold and germs before they form.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience our process through customized hygiene solutions.

Through our maintenance agreements, we also offer regular measuring culture tests and air sampling measurements as part of a sustainable hygiene management program, coupled with regular disinfection at intervals.
Vallovapor© closes this disinfection gap safely and sustainably.
  • Special coatings can also keep all surfaces free of bacteria and mold.
  • Vallovapor© disinfects saunas, swim- ming pools, locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, restrooms, whirlpools, and treatment rooms, along with cate- ring areas, guest rooms and ventilation and air conditioning systems.