Schimmelbeseitigung Anwendungsbereiche


What is ValloFog?
A substance that is used for the decontamination/disinfection of surfaces and indoor air. (Decontamination = removal of potentially dangerous contaminants)

How does ValloFog work?
ValloFog works physically. The active agent attaches itself to microorganisms (mold, bacteria, and spores) because of its positive charge and destroys the cell wall by ion exchange.

What is the difference between ValloFog and conventional methods?
1. The substance has lasting benefits; i.e., the agent evaporates to nothing, and it also has lingering effects.

2. The procedure decontaminates surfaces as well as room air without attacking furnishings, equipment, etc.,
     because the agent is non-oxidizing.

3. The agent has been shown to be environment- and human-friendly.

How is ValloFog used?
ValloFog is distributed through a cold-fogging process. The fogger produces a fine, floating mist, whereby the active substance is distributed through the room. The extremely fine disinfecting mist permeates into the farthest joint and crack of the room. Human error is minimized in the application and the air is also "washed".

What is ValloFog made of?
A water-soluble polymer and highly-purified water.

Can ValloFog negatively affect the health or well-being of the tenant?
No, because after the treatment and acting time, the rooms are ventilated, and remnants of the agent are thus carried from the premises.

How is the process guaranteed?
Through extensive testing that is required by the authorities, as well as tests by independent institutions. We will send you this additional material.

Can ValloFog attack the furniture or other materials in the home or machinery in an industry?
No, ValloFog is neither chemically aggressive nor corrosive.

Do I need to clean out the rooms to be treated?
No, the premises can remain in their normal living state. That means that any furniture and electrical appliances such as TV, PC, etc. can be left in the rooms. The cold fumigation has no negative impact on them. However, anything on the walls should be placed right against the wall, and if there is mold behind them, we request that you move them a few inches away from the wall to achieve the best possible effect.

How long after the treatment can I come back into the residence?
After the application, the premises must remain closed for two hours so the product receives full exposure to achieve the best possible result. It then sinks to the floor. Depending on the composition of the existing floor, you can then clean the floor quite normally.

What are the after-effects of using ValloFog?
The presence of microorganisms on surfaces and in the air is reduced drastically. Emerging pathogens will continue to be destroyed by the existing catalytic effect.

Can I buy privately or use ValloFog myself?
No, ValloFog is used only by trained professionals and staff who are certified by Vallovapor© It is not available for private use. However, there are disinfectants that we distribute as physical disinfectant sprays and wipes that act on the same principles.

Are there any other remedies for mold?
There are a variety of conventional products on the market. None of them combine comprehensive effects with long-lasting sustainability and safety.

Is ValloFog harmful to pets or house plants?
Our product is non-toxic to humans and animals, in accordance with the strict regulations of OECD, and has been certified as
  • not an eye-irritant
  • not an irritant to sensitive skin
  • not an irritant of mucous membranes
  • not toxic if swallowed
Vallovapor© follows a safety principle that animals and valuable plants are to be removed from the treated rooms.

How long do the effects of ValloFog last?
Due to the residual effects, there is no limit to the period of effectiveness. In the testing, there have been no relapses. The only requirement is that the agent is not removed mechanically.

Have the long-term results been tested?
The "oldest" projects date back to the year 2009. Numerous long-term laboratory studies have successfully demonstrated the antimicrobial effectiveness under harsh, simulated conditions.

Is the cold-fogging process listed at the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) or the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)?
Since neither the VAH or the RKI have guidelines or policies that allow such a procedure, we can not achieve a listing. Despite this lack of guidelines, we have gathered extensive expertise from independent institutions to demonstrate the disinfecting effects of this procedure.

Respectively, what is the added value or benefit offered by the Vallovapor© method?
  • ccessibility to hard-to-reach areas in the room
  • Disinfection of the air
  • Low staffing
  • Low consumption
  • Safe to use
  • 99.9% reduction of bacteria
  • Lastingness through the residual effects
  • Safety tested to the standards of the OECD
  • Non-oxidizing and non-corrosive
  • Works on mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors