Schimmelbeseitigung Anwendungsbereiche


Property Management

Vallovapor© offers a complete maintenance service for property management. The cold-fogging feature is used for mold-infested, inhabited premises. Moreover, empty houses and even new buildings can also be protected preemptively against mold outbreak.
Food & Beverage Industry

In places were food is stored and prepared, there is an especially large number of potential sites for mold to grow, and sterility is an important quality standard.
Health Care Facilities

Industrial hygiene is of the highest importance in hospitals and nursing homes. For sterile operating rooms and patient rooms. Vallovapor© offers innovative hygiene concepts for indoor air and surfaces.
Hotel & Wellness

Ever more hotels have a wellness center or spa area. Due to the humidity and temperature, spas and swimming pools are more at risk for fungi, bacteria and mold, which may form there and spread easily.
Vehicle Industry

The cold fog decontaminates the vehicle through the air conditioner and removes odors. Because the operation is carried out quickly, it offers service benefits to car manufacturers.
Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems

The operation of an air conditioner often creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungi, which can then permeate into the interior. Vallovapor© can disinfect and maintain a germ-free environment.
Restaurants & Dining

The center of any restaurant operation is the kitchen. Especially in this area, all possible sanitary measures must be taken. High humidity develops here, creating an ideal breeding ground for mold and microbes.
Private Homes

Mold is a widespread problem in many households. It is caused, for example, by increasingly dense construction methods, such as, among other things, energy-efficient housing.
Rescue Vehicles

Whether in emergency rescue vehicles, ambulances, in fire engines and police cars, or in in-patient care, there are often patients who have a weakened immune system. Vallovapor© offers a complete disinfection.
Boats and Airplanes

Save yourself frequent manual cleaning and disinfection and the associated high costs and manpower: in boats and airplane cabins. Vallovapor© purifies air and protects surfaces, crew, and guests.